YoBox APP Version Information

Version Update Function Update Date
1.3.6 Initial Version 2015.02.03
1.3.7 Bug fixes and improvements. 2015.02.20
1.3.8 Minor bug fixex. 2015.04.17
1.3.9 Added data synchronization and improvements. 2015.07.10
1.3.13 Improvements Performance and fixes. 2015.07.31

Version Update Function Update Date
1.2.1 Initial Version 2015.01.13
1.5.1 Add Meow(Cat) Icon & Label 2015.01.20
1.6.5 Add guideline 2015.02.01
1.6.6 Bug fixes and efficiency improvements 2015.03.03
1.6.9 Performance optimizations 2015.04.15
1.7.1 Fixing camera error 2015.05.13
1.8.1 Added data synchronization and improvements. 2015.07.08

Version Update Function Update Date
1.0.0 Initial Version 2015.07.01
1.1.0 Added data synchronization mechanism 2015.07.08
Achievement!! Thank you so much!!!
Thank you, Kickstarter funders, for helping us achieve a very successful initial campaign for YoBox!

YoBox started out as our vision of how technology can help every consumer make better use of their available storage space. Because you believed in us, believed in our product and believed in the vision we put forth, we are happy to announce a very successful Kickstarter funding campaign for YoBox. Thank you for helping us reach our $20,000 goal!

We are very excited for the launch of YoBox. Our team is already hard at work upgrading YoBox and adding a variety of services and products to complement YoBox. As one of our founding funders, you will be kept informed every step of the way.

Please stay in touch. We welcome your thoughts and input about YoBox as we continue to expand and upgrade services. Please visit our website at www.MyYoBox.com and leave your comments and suggestions.

Thank you for your support. We value your partnership and look forward to hearing from you in the near future.


YoBox Team

YoBox in CES
Please visit us in CES on January 8th.

2014/01 → Jonathan’s idea
2014/03 → YoBox team built up!
2014/05 → Brainstorming
2014/07 → Design the product, draft the label, NFC Tag, APP+ Cloud
2014/11 → Develop app for Android / iOS
2014/12 → Launch at Kickstarter
2015/01 → Launch Event at CES