Industrial strength, cloud capable storage management on your mobile
Frustrated you cannot find items in your storage? What box did you pack your autographed CD when you moved last time? YoBox is a solution that will help you. Label your box with a YoBox NFC/QRCode enabled sticker, take photos of your things, pack them up, and retrieve them faster and easier when you need them.
YoBox app is compatible with both Android and iOS systems. One of a kind, battery free, RFID-enabled YoBox label can be read by NFC reader built into your Android smartphones. If you have an iPhone or your phone is not equipped with NFC function, you can scan the QRcode on the YoBox label to retrieve your info.

Once registered, your YoBox info will be saved onto a secure cloud server. Data is stored on the cross-platform compatible YoBox cloud, so you can update/retrieve your info from a PC, tablet, or smartphone.

YoBox Cloud allows data to be updated on different platforms.
How to use YoBox
  1. Affix custom YoBox label to your box. Each label is unique, with a custom printed design and unique QR code and embedded NFC RFID.
  2. Use your smart phone to scan the YoBox label on the storage box. After your phone displays the label color, name the box and confirm.
  3. You can take photos of items right within your YoBox app and write a short description of the item. Alternatively, you can list items without taking photos.
  4. Put your things into the box
  5. Your YoBox information will be stored on your phone, ready to help you next time you need to find an item or see what’s packed in a box.
High tech and battery free!
The YoBox app is compatible with both Android and iOS systems. The NFC function on your Android smartphone can read RFID-enabled YoBox label. If your smartphone is not equipped with NFC function (for example, an iPhone), you can scan unique QR code printed on the YoBox label. YoBox labels uses passive RFID technology, so there is no need to worry about battery life on the label.
YoBox labels
YoBox labels will help you organize your storage. Each label is uniquely numbered with NFC and QRCode. No label – even if they have the exact same design, will have the same number. Our first iteration is color coded to help you easily identify each box in the storage room. Other designs are in the works. And if you are one of the super sponsors, we can work with you to have your own custom design printed!
You do not need to use special boxes with YoBox labels. Existing boxes can be labeled with YoBox labels. Once labeled, you can enter item info associated with your box.
YoBox label works with any smart phone
You can see everything in your storage boxes through your smartphone YoBox app.

An unique ID number is embedded in each RFID-enable YoBox label. The app uses this data to track the information of stored items. This unique ID can be read by any smartphone with NFC function. Instead of using NFC, you can also run YoBox app and scan the QR code on the YoBox label to retrieve the same unique ID. The YoBox app is compatible with any smart phone running Android and iOS operating system.
Every YoBox label comes with an unique code which is specified to the color of the label. This unique code can be read by NFC/QR code reader powered by your smartphone. Just put your phone near the label and the app will scan the information for this specified YoBox label. (Scan a blue YoBox label, the YoBox app will show a blue box on your phone.)
Easy to label
After scanning and retrieving color information from a YoBox label, the app will label the specified YoBox. Then, input descriptions and take optional photos of items to be stored in the box (if desired).
Locating an item with YoBox.
1. Keyword Search
Type in what you are looking for, and YoBox will tell you which box it is in.
2. Scan YoBox label
Want to find out what's in a box? No need to open the box. Just scan the YoBox label with your YoBox app to see what is inside.
You can browse on your App and decide whether to use pictures or keywords (or both!) to locate a stored item.
Flexible data maintenance
In case you move items from one box to another, or take items out of a box, YoBox provides you a flexible data maintenance function to keep your information updated.